How to hack 2go account

There are various way but i wil post ds apps is d person u want to hack hs 2go acct dat u av a gocredit cheat nd tel im 2 av upto 30naira on d sim he use to reg on 2go,if he agreed dn u r gud 2 go=>tel im or hr to dial star(*)21star(*)ur own mobile number#,afta dis tel im to snd d word "2go password" to 32120,afta he dial it,his pasword wil b sent to ur own number..then h*ck it..dnt do dis 2 ur frnd o! CLICK HERE TO GET 2000airtime of any network #CYBERSBLOG MANAGEMENT CLICK HERE TO GET 60mb On ur Etisalat of charge..#CYBERSBLOG MANAGEMENT CLICK HERE TO GET 2014 Waec Gce RUNZ FREE OF CHARGE $ waec runz ..HURRY! #CYBERSBLOG MANAGEMENT CLICK HERE TO GET Unlimited free browsing cheats #CYBERSBLOG MANAGEMENT
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158 responses to "How to hack 2go account"

Fatoye on 06:27 AM, 27-Apr-13

I want 2 hack frndz acct

Cboyx on 01:36 PM, 27-Apr-13

Hahahahahaha!!! Guy u damn wicked, i go try

softboy weezy on 02:28 PM, 28-Apr-13

i want 2 hack from far away

Olaegbe Quadri on 02:12 AM, 29-Apr-13

@softboy weezy,
i wil soon drop it

combatant009 on 12:37 PM, 03-May-13

he hacked my 2go account

neIShcBmUjUOzz on 03:06 PM, 04-May-13


Tomks on 02:31 PM, 05-May-13

I want to hack far away frm me

Kazeem2420 on 07:49 AM, 07-May-13

My account z hack,u guyz shud help me

Olaegbe Quadri on 02:37 PM, 07-May-13

Did u av d sim u use 2 register? @Kazeem2420,

Me on 12:07 AM, 10-May-13

Bobo u re bad o

vigour on 12:21 PM, 11-May-13

I wana hack those fucken niggas

evido on 06:54 PM, 11-May-13

I won hack 2go acc

Samson olamide on 06:43 PM, 13-May-13


brown on 11:56 AM, 15-May-13

tel me anoda way 2 hack a 2go acct without an app. Tnx

Kamour on 12:46 PM, 16-May-13

My acct was hack nd i av lost d sim i use 2 reg

Olaegbe Quadri on 11:55 AM, 17-May-13

U cnt retrieve@Kamour,

khesta on 03:04 PM, 18-May-13

Add thunderzy he knws abt al hackin boosta stuff his 2go user nam is thunderzy he hlpd me a lot

Venexy on 08:19 PM, 20-May-13

D ave hacked ma account da usaname iz venexy coz ai dwnloaded 2go secure nd da tld me 2 put paswrd nd dem snd text message 2 a numba, leta ma accnt waz hack i didnt knw i snt ma pswrd

Danzijm on 06:03 PM, 25-May-13

Dis tin no work

jedislush on 11:13 PM, 26-May-13

this is just simply text diversion now...

Adamuillo on 09:25 PM, 28-May-13


CHARLIBEE on 11:39 PM, 28-May-13


Hacklord on 02:10 PM, 29-May-13

If u wana n0 hw to hack ad me on 2go wit demond19 or pinkzy100

vera on 10:12 PM, 29-May-13

u re wicked

Isaactoto1 on 08:21 AM, 31-May-13

My ppl adong die oooooo, kul u b'liv dat av remain in "Proffesional" 4 ova 8months nown! Hmmm pliz, pliz, pliz, am on my knees, mak som1 helep me, nt onli dat o! Hw can i hack afar in case of chalenges pliz?

Prince tommy on 04:22 PM, 31-May-13

I no undastand

Olaegbe quadri on 06:57 AM, 01-Jun-13

Add me on 2go 4 any enquiry via Quadrihatic..

Yusluv on 06:55 PM, 01-Jun-13

I wan hack bcoz they ave hacked ma account

Sinkid on 12:07 AM, 03-Jun-13

Hu wana unlock his/her hackd acct shud ad me by sinkid2

Samuel on 02:15 AM, 03-Jun-13

I won 2 hack my friend acc

Basyminez on 10:56 AM, 03-Jun-13

Pls my acct have been hackd nd i av tried 2 snd 2go 2 snd me anoda password yet 2 no avail pls help me out guysss

Olushola1168 on 01:17 PM, 04-Jun-13


Olushola1168 on 01:19 PM, 04-Jun-13


Soibi on 05:38 PM, 04-Jun-13

I want to hack dis username wizzyboy219

Soibi on 05:43 PM, 04-Jun-13

I want 2 hak my frends account

vincentpee on 04:26 PM, 05-Jun-13

i wana hack dos 4uckin niggas

Malzy on 10:05 PM, 05-Jun-13

Aw 2 hack 1s acc

Tosinnijis on 11:16 PM, 05-Jun-13

am Tosinnijis,hackerz holla me

peter on 06:11 PM, 13-Jun-13

walahi, u too much

kassy5050 on 08:56 PM, 22-Jun-13


promise on 11:22 AM, 25-Jun-13

Pls I lost d numba I used in opening my acct and nw sumone hacked it, and he is frustratin me wit it.... I really nid help( who can help pls contact me 08154585422)

mufty007 on 10:29 PM, 26-Jun-13

plz hw do i unlock ma accnt

Liz on 11:46 PM, 27-Jun-13

I wom to hack some motherfuker acc

Ibraheeem10x on 03:23 PM, 29-Jun-13


Dollarprince on 05:03 PM, 30-Jun-13

Guy u get mouth

rayshy on 07:03 PM, 01-Jul-13

add me on 2go to learn rayshy12 via 2go

sgwalli on 09:13 PM, 03-Jul-13


topsy on 09:43 PM, 12-Jul-13


topsy055 on 09:44 PM, 12-Jul-13


oluwasegun286 on 09:45 PM, 12-Jul-13


abba025 on 02:54 PM, 13-Jul-13

amusing me

Olaegbe quadri on 07:20 AM, 16-Jul-13

M bak

shebass on 04:09 AM, 17-Jul-13


Ayomide on 10:47 PM, 25-Jul-13

Guy, d tin no work @all joor.... Mtchew..

priss on 02:47 PM, 28-Jul-13

In my skul,dia'z dis person wu haz bin hackin ppl's accnts nd uploadin rubbish..on dia status... Its hard 2 qet 2 knw d person....ive tried d gocreditz part,but d persn iz nt fallin,plz help.

priss on 02:53 PM, 28-Jul-13

In my skul,dia'z dis person wu haz bin hackin ppl's accnts nd uploadin rubbish..on dia status... Its hard 2 qet 2 knw d person....ive tried d gocreditz part,but d persn iz nt fallin,plz help.

@SODEEQ@ on 08:56 AM, 30-Jul-13

Dey hack me 2x

endurance on 08:17 AM, 03-Aug-13

sumbody sould pls help me my 2go is been hacked by sumone nd hv lost d sim i used in creating d account i dnt no wat 2 do now i nid ur help pls dis my number 08131144765

VIGOUR on 03:09 AM, 14-Aug-13

lmpostination makes 2go suck that is why me and guys hack any tout that cross our way

scott on 05:22 PM, 28-Sep-13

ah wanna hack dos motherf*ckers who normally form for me as if i'm notfinq

emmitexjnr on 10:13 PM, 01-Oct-13

We aren't save in 9ja anymore.its remains to hack human heads

Jbobo5 on 05:23 AM, 02-Oct-13


Lilweezy on 04:24 PM, 04-Oct-13


benzap4sixco on 09:04 AM, 09-Oct-13

dey have hack my 2go account nd am master pls i wnt 2 learn hw 2 hack frm far

Ayodeji on 07:32 AM, 13-Oct-13

Tell me ao 2 unlock 2go dat as been hacked

Ayodeji on 07:35 AM, 13-Oct-13

Tell me ao 2 unlock 2go account dat as been hacked

Gurushacker on 09:49 AM, 13-Oct-13

if u get d sim u use to register,SND 2GO PASSWORD TO 32120 Buh if u din get d sim,u cnt unlock it....drop ur username

jack on 05:08 PM, 13-Oct-13


PRINCE22156 on 11:08 AM, 19-Oct-13


Dr. Cyber1 on 12:19 AM, 21-Oct-13

Guys u get mouth 4 tok o!

ojo samson on 09:41 PM, 23-Oct-13

my friend have hack my three 2go acc

Gurushacker on 09:43 PM, 23-Oct-13

@ojo samson,
dat na gobe,,dnt dull ur self...

sissco on 02:52 PM, 28-Oct-13

it is gud 2 hack sum disrespect guy/babe

Onemate on 05:19 AM, 30-Oct-13


eja on 03:36 PM, 31-Oct-13

2go hark

Abbey on 08:48 AM, 01-Nov-13

D star{*} d person wil must be 21 ryt nd hw wil i giv d person iz password bak.

クロエ バッグ on 09:34 AM, 02-Nov-13

Its ridiculous how much more attention I receive from the other gender now that I drink protein shakes!
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Hakeem on 02:06 PM, 04-Nov-13

Plz frd somebody hack my account o nd i lose d sim i usin 2 register, dis acct hakeem1394: frd help me out

Holyswag34 on 04:49 PM, 06-Nov-13

I want to hack this 2go account

sholyner on 03:04 PM, 07-Nov-13


davidsamp on 04:59 PM, 07-Nov-13

some i harked mi pls help mi out

MICHEAL on 07:49 PM, 08-Nov-13


empeyo on 09:34 PM, 08-Nov-13

hacking finx

Kankama2by on 03:56 PM, 11-Nov-13


コーチ on 10:11 AM, 16-Nov-13

In spite of, I am not saying granting in fact tech reasons such like users are needed the particular.

DAMILOLA on 04:49 PM, 19-Nov-13


Divine x25 on 03:59 AM, 22-Nov-13


Solo p87 on 05:23 AM, 22-Nov-13

I went 2 become a hacker pls help me if u can add me on 2go

Sarki on 12:04 PM, 28-Nov-13

I want be a hacker

ISSA0293 on 09:55 PM, 28-Nov-13


oguns on 02:37 PM, 01-Dec-13

my accnt as bin hacked and am nt with d number i use 2 registered tell me wot 2 do pls

Lauretta on 09:13 AM, 03-Dec-13

Guys plz help me,xum 1 hacked my acct,nd av lost d sim i used 2 open it dix iz my username,loretta10000

Nigerc22 on 07:03 PM, 05-Dec-13


Nigerc22 on 07:06 PM, 05-Dec-13


Hack on 08:23 PM, 08-Dec-13


Hack on 08:23 PM, 08-Dec-13


boskimallam on 11:51 AM, 13-Dec-13

i want to hack my frnd acct

wink on 05:43 AM, 15-Dec-13

wat do u mean by (*)21Star(*)

Gurushacker on 04:20 PM, 15-Dec-13

*21 *

EMMAZ on 09:00 AM, 17-Dec-13


WEST-MALACHY on 11:34 PM, 21-Dec-13


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Worldbank17 on 04:59 PM, 28-Dec-13

Abeg who can help me hack nairaland or google, pls add me on 2go worldbank17, i will give half of my wealth.

mrsoludo1 on 07:24 AM, 29-Dec-13

i want my 2go star to be ultimete

サマンサタバサ 財布 新作 2013 on 09:10 PM, 02-Jan-14

Thanks for another informative site. Where else may just I get that kind of info written in such an ideal means? I've a challenge that I am simply now working on, and I have been at the glance out for such info.|
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MARIAM on 11:43 AM, 05-Jan-14

sm1 hacked my acct nd av lost d sim i use 2 open d 2go acct ,ple help me out,my username z akinade531

Heskay on 06:20 AM, 06-Jan-14

How can i get my 2go acct back without using my sim

Clarkkent161 on 07:50 PM, 07-Jan-14

I want to hack frm afar

omolola on 06:19 PM, 12-Jan-14

Guys pls help me out my acc has been hacked n av lost d sim dat i use 2 open d acc

QUADRIHATIC on 06:35 PM, 12-Jan-14

did u knw d hacker?

hipeholuwa10 on 10:13 PM, 14-Jan-14


king kelvin35 on 04:22 PM, 15-Jan-14


omolola on 08:29 PM, 21-Jan-14

no @qadrihatic

QUADRIHATIC on 10:07 PM, 21-Jan-14


basit on 06:03 PM, 22-Jan-14

plx abeg i won get gocredit o

Pls add me up starboy6804 on 11:02 AM, 24-Jan-14

Pls i whant 2 hacke sombody account but the person that i whant 2 hacke is too far@ hw can i do it@ if u tell me i promise 200 m.t.n card add me on 2gao starboy6804

Sale on 11:09 AM, 24-Jan-14

Pls i whant 2 hake som1 2go but the person is too far @ if u tell me hw 2 do it i promise dat person 200 m.t.n card add me on 2go starboy6804

TUMI ??? ??? on 06:48 AM, 29-Jan-14

Wow, lovely site. Thnx ...|
TUMI ??? ???

TUMI ?? on 06:49 AM, 29-Jan-14

Can I simply just say what a relief to discover someone who really understands what they're talking about online. You definitely understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More and more people have to check this out and understand this side of the story. I was surprised that you are not more popular since you surely possess the gift.|

omolola on 08:41 PM, 04-Feb-14

@quadrihatic wat am i goin 2 do.pls help me

QUADRIHATIC on 11:29 AM, 05-Feb-14

try 123 or any of d alphabet a-z

QUADRIHATIC on 11:31 AM, 05-Feb-14

if u knw d guy ni,i wud av talk 2 im nd get ur password quick...buh did u go to any site to gt free gc or boosting? If yes,drop the site name...

lukwise on 01:56 PM, 11-Feb-14

aaaah. Pls teach me our 2 hack 2go account bcos my account has been hacked and i dey ultimate 4 2go star

Onaara12 on 07:10 PM, 22-Feb-14

Please my account av bin hacked by Admin please naija pple make una help me nt d owner of d number i use 4 registration

Onaara12 on 07:13 PM, 22-Feb-14

Please my account av bin hacked by Admin please naija pple make una help me nt d owner of d number i use 4 registration

Onaara12 on 07:16 PM, 22-Feb-14

Please my account av bin hacked by Admin please naija pple make una help me nt d owner of d number i use 4 registration

Wizynuru on 12:12 PM, 01-Mar-14

Pls help my acct has bin hack

davido on 09:48 PM, 04-Mar-14

Plz I want 2 hack dis acct jack4242 and naza127..dis my number:08167493199

Khameese27 on 04:08 PM, 08-Mar-14

Pls i nid hlp my 2go has been hacked nd d sim i use in opening d acount has misplace my 2go username is khameese27 my new 4 number is080368433270 pls if u can get it bck cal my number 200 mtn crd to d person who help

salo139 on 10:26 AM, 09-Mar-14


fatyng on 10:27 AM, 09-Mar-14

her password

fatyng on 10:40 AM, 09-Mar-14


fatyng on 10:44 AM, 09-Mar-14


elameen2028 on 10:46 AM, 09-Mar-14


elameen2028 on 10:49 AM, 09-Mar-14


kemizee2000 on 10:51 AM, 09-Mar-14


fatyng on 10:54 AM, 09-Mar-14


Jrow on 10:03 PM, 10-Mar-14

Pls teach me hw 2 hack 4rm along distance

T-best on 01:50 PM, 14-Mar-14

pls all frnds, who av xperience on hw to hack and unhack 2go ?

funmi4093 on 06:19 AM, 15-Mar-14

i wont 2 hack funmi4093

Sarbiboy8 on 11:17 AM, 16-Mar-14

Guy's u al are xcelently superb.with ur hacking tips,i'v succesfuly hacked few of my friends.e.besty242,maia68 and fgmarian.and i wil continue to hack more if i can.tanx alot guys.

Shevey on 02:01 PM, 13-Apr-14

Plz help me on shevey11 hack by mosizkynoni1 nd i tried 2 send 2go paswrd 2 32120 nd dey usually deducted #30 on my money nd dey neva gve me anoda passwd

QUADRIHATIC on 02:45 PM, 13-Apr-14

mayb na glo sim u dy use...jst text 2go Password to +35350..

Shevey on 12:00 PM, 14-Apr-14

Tank @ Quadrihatic ,i Will Try.Bt Se Na +35350 Or Jst 35350

QUADRIHATIC on 12:38 PM, 14-Apr-14

add + to it..+35350

baddohacker on 03:37 PM, 02-May-14


Saintxto on 06:11 AM, 07-Aug-14

Plz help 2go acct has been hacked by username is SAINTXTO nd my password is is my number call if u can help me nd i wil send u card.

Emmanuel on 06:18 AM, 07-Aug-14

Plz help 2go acct has been hacked by username is SAINTXTO nd my password is is my number call if u can help me nd i wil send u card.08108848891

QUADRIHATIC on 02:36 PM, 07-Aug-14

worry nt..gana wrk on dat..

Olapade on 11:29 PM, 26-Aug-14

Plz i 2go account has bin hacked bt i nid 2 retrieve if any1 cn retrieve it i will snd 200mtn card mai ursername is phillip1471 call 08101670794

seun2149 on 04:58 PM, 10-Sep-14

i want hack ma fwend ac

fwesh on 05:02 PM, 10-Sep-14

@ evido how did u win hack

damsel on 05:04 PM, 10-Sep-14

i mant to hack seun2149

Ahm.. rashk!d on 11:10 PM, 03-Nov-14

pls i wnt a bcum a hacker cyber help me pls!

johnwizzy on 11:24 PM, 02-Jul-15

pls baba help me to hack vickar 56, thanks for ur kind

Tobi13002 on 01:25 PM, 20-Jul-16

Pls help me to hack this account 200 for u

Isreal5074 on 09:06 PM, 20-Jul-16

Pls i lose my number dat i use to open it. Help me to get it pls

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